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Gifting The Girl Who Has Everything


Gift guides can sometimes be really boring…a candle? Groundbreaking. I was tempted not to even do one this year because of how over-saturated and un-original they had become but I thought “Now’s the time to shake things up!”. So instead of giving you 15 blanket suggestions, I thought I would go the route of shopping for the hardest person on your list…the person who “has everything”. Around my birthday, I was told I was hard to shop for because I had everything. First of all…rude. Secondly, it’s typically in the meaningful and small things where you can truly win with a person who “has It all” and when that fails, resort to gifting experiences! I’m going to break all of these gifts down a few different ways in hopes that It will make your life easier and bring the joy back into gift giving!


No one can ever have too many nice face masks, add a brush to put It on with because not many people have those! This ice roller is a spa treatment in and of itself and a new pair of slippers is something that is on my list! This back massager is a GAME CHANGER and is so relaxing after a long day.


This could be for a lot of different things but if you have a girl who loves designers, a specific city or a TV show, get her something unique and personalized to go along with that theme! You can hunt Amazon for designer coffee table books if you have someone who loves designer items. As the whole world knows, we love Friends so finding a novelty little item like the yellow frame, nods to the show and is always a fun idea. My favorite gift to give is a record player! People don’t typically have them but they’re such a fun thing that they likely won’t get for themselves. We got them for our parents last year and they loved the nostalgia! These movie prints are really fun for gifting and this shop has a lot of great movie options.


I appreciate these types of gifts because I love gift giving that is practical! We LOVE our Google Home and particularly love to boss him around, it’s a total power trip that I’m here for. I got this portable charger three years ago and proceeded to tell everyone I know about It, because It is just that good and by far the best one I’ve ever used. Nathan and I both use these tiles in everything from our wallets to our luggage when we travel because we are both prone to misplace things! They are great, slim and inexpensive trackers! This charging mat is the perfect addition to anyone’s nightstand! It charges your phone and AirPods and has a spot for rings, keys, etc. It helps that It looks ultra chic, too!


This doesn’t have to just be something with their name on It, but show this person that you really know them! When I moved, my dear friend got me a print of a Blake Lively quote about NYC. You can find shops that will personalize that stuff for you here! It meant the world to me because I knew that she knew how much I loved those two things so much! This website is where I got a lot of my prints for my apartment, they basically have everything!

I hope this helps you check off at least a few people from your list!



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