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Friday Finds | Five Menswear Denim Options for Fall


“Long Sleeve Pants.”

That’s what I used to call “Pants” when I was a little kid (er, 17). Overlooking how redundant that choice of words is, it kinda makes sense, right?

We have shirts, and we have long sleeve shirts. Wouldn’t it make sense for us to also then have pants (shorts) and long sleeve pants (pants)?

For whatever reason, that made sense in my head, but, then again, so did wearing inside-out sweats during Georgia summers, which I’ve previously mentioned being a major part of my childhood rotation. Maybe I wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but I certainly did my own thing and made some bold choices along the way.

Today is less about bold choices, and more about long sleeve pants — specifically, jeans. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and a lot of different fits, but I’ve found these five options to be tried and true for pretty much any guy — whether you (or if you’re reading this for your significant other, they) haven’t put much thought into what you wear, or you have a perfectly curated closet.

(For fit reference, I’m 5’10”, 175 lbs, and wear a size 31 across the board with these options.)

Classic Dark Indigo Jeans (w/Stretch)

Price: $50

Fit: Slim, True to Size

Uniqlo can be hit or miss on some things, but their denim is the best you can find at such a low price point. You’ll see the term “selvedge” used, which just refers to the white and red ticker on the inside lining of the jeans (it’s a feature denim-heads love, and while it doesn’t actually mean that much in terms of quality, it is a nice touch at this price point). To have that feature with a classic color plus some stretch is a great combo.

The Ideal Dad Jeans (w/Stretch)

Price: $80 (Buy two, get 30% off)

Fit: Athletic Taper, True to Size

Levi’s is as classic as they come, and in the age of washed out denim, this pair is one of my favorites. The 541 fit is stretchy, has a higher rise, is very roomy up top, and brings it together with a very flattering taper down the leg. If you’ve got bigger thighs like I do, this is an ideal setup. This wash is definitely more of a “dad” jean look, but it will still go with almost anything you wear. If you’d rather go more classic, they have other color options, too.

Timelessly On-Trend with a Perfect Fit (w/Stretch)

Price: $128 (Currently $95)

Fit: Vintage Taper (Similar to Athletic Taper), True to Size

Light wash jeans have very much been in for awhile. These capture the current look at a reasonable price with good quality (Madewell is one of Anna’s longtime favorites for denim) and what I think is the perfect fit. The top block is even roomier in these than the Levi’s 541, and the taper offers a very, very clean look. If there were one pair of jeans you could own that would look cool regardless of changing trends, I think this is it.

Modern Fit, Classic Look (w/Stretch)

Price: $128

Fit: Straight Leg, True to Size

Count me as one of the people grateful for the cultural shift away from skinny jeans. I’m not reaching for my childhood JNCOs, but the current trend of “bigger than slim” is a comfortable and welcome change. Everlane marries the most timeless denim look you can find with stretch, a straight leg fit, and tops it off with the previously mentioned selvedge ticker. This is a more expensive choice than Uniqlo’s, but worth the price in terms of quality. This pair of jeans will go with everything and is truly classic.

My Favorite Jeans Right Now (No Stretch)

Price: $265 (Currently $186)

Fit: Straight Leg, True to Size

No stretch, no problem. This is clearly the most expensive option on the list, but it’s also the best quality. People rave about APC’s denim, and after getting a pair this year (I found a pair on sale, which makes it more palatable), I get why they love it. The fit on the “Martin” jeans is surprisingly easy to pair with most of your wardrobe, and feels comfortable, but not slouchy — which is the key to finding straight leg pants that you can wear hard and for a long time.

Lastly, the quality more than matches the price tag (I’m serious, if you’ve never tried higher end jeans, these feel truly different), and this washed out black color (pictured above) is a fun change up from the classics while not venturing off the path of everyday wearing. If you decide to go this route, you’ll own them for years, where them a lot, and be surprised by how well they age across the passing runway trends.



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