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Five Favorite Trends You’ll Be Seeing This Spring


I am SO ready for a fresh season! With a new season comes new styles and while you should honestly wear whatever you feel best in, here’s what to keep an eye on this season! Trends are by no means a rule or a requirement but more of a fun way to try new things (or bring old ones back) and breathe fresh life into your current wardrobe! I like to approach each season with a base of classics and add these trends in as I see fit. Here is what I’m most excited to see this season:

  1. Low Heels & Flats

    I’ve heard people say that after 2020, heels are getting DUSTY! Don’t get me wrong you’ll never beat a night getting dressed up and putting on your favorite pumps. I do think, however that sleek flats and fun sandals are going to be making a huge appearance this S/S. A huge trend I saw forecasted was embellished versions of your favorite classics. Think less bedazzling and more details like dainty chain anklets and scarf ties instead of straps. The kitten heel is also making a major comeback which still gives you a slight lift and sleekness but adds an extra level of comfort because of the low heel!

  2. Sweater Vests

    I’ve been a huge fan of this trend making a comeback throughout fall but be prepared to see it as we change into a new season as well! As you probably know, part of my “uniform” almost always involves a simple button down white shirt so adding a trend piece like a sweater vest is always fun for me! If you want to go full on uniform, throw on a mini skirt as a layering piece.

  3. Volume In Silhouettes

    I think this will come in various forms but the more obvious one will be with sleeves and necklines. We’ve seen sleeves on everything from dresses to jackets get more and more dramatic over the seasons! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and wear something that traditionally speaking, might not be considered as “flattering”. If you want a good place to start, a form fitted bodice and organza sleeve should ease you in just nicely!

  4. Suiting

    I don’t know that this has ever been “out” but suiting is here again and of course, coming out in new ways. The one difference I’ve seen is that trouser style pants (pleats and all) are big in women’s wear. I always appreciate a detour from denim and skirts so I’m excited to see more of this being offered! Don’t forget to get your Blair Waldorf on by adding a cute skirt & blazer tweed set to your S/S lineup.

  5. Elevated Loungewear

    If 2020 was the year of loungewear, 2021 is going to be the year of making It chic. This is going to look a lot like matching sets and added touches to your favorite loungewear. A long line coat over a matching sweatsuit is a sure bet way to elevate a look! Last summer we saw shoulder pads in a lot of tops and this season they’ll be back in the form of tanks and sweatshirts! Elevate a lounge look by adding a one of these tops, a gold necklace and some white sneakers!


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