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‘Fit Report | 2.19.24


Weather Report: Mostly Mid-30s

Meal of the Week: 7th Street Burgers

Best Thing: Jury Duty — not the show, I was summoned.

It’s an honor (pain in the ass) to serve (I postponed) my fellow man — *Salutes*; *Bald Eagle Screeches* — but the best part was having an excuse to take the train downtown. Because it’s where we spent our first year in the city, everything below 14th St jolts awake this part of my soul I didn’t know was sleeping every time I’m there — the way One World Trade Looms over everything, the energy, the food… there’s nothing like it. (The only thing I can compare it to is this restaurant called Buffaloes — exceptional branding — used to have all-you-can-eat wing night on Wednesdays, so we’d all go there after youth group. That was pretty special.)

It makes me wax nostalgic about the time Anna and I (& Banks) shared as we sorted out life alone in a new place, and the cobblestone compels me to overly romanticize my life in New York City all over again as the smells of car exhaust, piss, justice, and fresh bagels fill my nostrils. I no longer have my own personality, I just say things like, “The city really has a drum beat, doesn’t it? You just gotta learn to keep the rhythm!”

Also: This.

For Sizing Reference: I’m 5’10”; 175lbs


Lid – Vintage 1996 Atlanta Olympics Basketball Cap.

I’ve been searching for the right green hat for about two years, which sounds like a ridiculous priority to have rattling around the old to-do list — I love the idea of trying to explain this plight to my grandfather, who spent his career in forestry and was long dubbed, “The Axe”.

I’ve kept my eyes peeled for something that spoke to me, and finally found this gem while doing my semi-annual 1996 Olympics gear perusal (if you haven’t looked before, there’s loads of great stuff out there on the cheap).

Here’s the eBay search that led me to this $20 gem.

Coat – Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Alpaca/Wool Blend Herringbone Tweed Jacket

I stumbled onto this one by accident while looking for a different kind of winter coat. The shape and drape of it remind me of a Barbour jacket (it even has the chest, hand warmer pockets), and it’s lightweight while remaining extremely warm because of the Alpaca blend — love those little guys.

Here’s an eBay search if you’re looking for something similar.

Tops – Aime Leon Dore Uniform Crewneck, J Crew Garment Dyed Twill Button Down

Here’s an alternative to the ALD crewneck, and this J Crew shirt is one of my favorite pick ups for spring. (Rocking a Medium in the image above; true to size.)

Jeans – Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans

I’m not sure if anyone else is on the weird corner of the internet where I find myself, which somehow is at the intersection of vintage Range Rover restorations, tragic-turned-uplifting dog adoption stories, and TikTok fashion bros. If you are, then (first of all, God help you) you’ve probably seen these jeans.

I’ve tried a legitimately insane amount of denim in my short life, and these are a bit of an experiment for me. But at $40, it’s not a bad investment for a pair of raw denim jeans that have a flattering fit (higher rise and pockets, plus room for thiccer thighs) and will take on some great character as they fade. I went with a 31 x 30, and they are true to size.

Shop Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans (Relaxed Fit, Rigid).

And for the getaway sticks – Adidas Sambas, Navy and Cream

When timeless classics meet booming trend… I tried to find a colorway that spoke to me and felt at least somewhat like I wasn’t jumping on a runaway bandwagon. These were the ones! I recommend sizing up a half size.

Shop Adidas Sambas.


Lid – Vintage Ralph Lauren Chain Stitch Hat

I found a picture of this hat two years ago but couldn’t track down the actual hat to buy it anywhere — and the one site where it was listed wasn’t active anymore. I kept tabs every now and then until about a year later it popped up on eBay out of nowhere. I nabbed it without hesitation. Dreams come true, folks.

Here’s an eBay search to find something similar.
(Though vintage RL hats can generally be more expensive than their already pricey, modern counterparts.)

Here’s a current version I saw recently.

Coat – H&M Duster Overcoat in Navy

I find 2-3 things every year from H&M that work for me, and this was a find from two years ago that has been a great one.

They don’t have this exact coat in stock anymore, but this one is the same price, shape, and fabric.

Tops – Brut Clothing Painter Jacket; Aime Leon Dore Turtleneck.

I lucked into both pieces during season-end sales towards the end of last year, and they’ve both been regular parts of the rotation since.

I love having a denim work jacket because it sort makes something we’ve all seen 1,000 versions of feel fresh and moderately unique, and while most turtlenecks look kind of funny on me, this one works!

Here’s an alternative denim work jacket option, and an alternative to the turtleneck.

Jeans – Vintage Levi’s 560

501s — and all straight leg fits for that matter — never seem to fit me quite right. 560s are essentially the mom jeans of the Levi’s family, in that they start wider in the hips and taper pretty aggressively below the knee. If you’ve got thiccer thighs and want a pair of jeans that looks more tailored without having to actually get jeans tailored, these are a great option! I got this pair for $15, and there are tons of great deals out there!

Use this eBay search to find vintage 560s!

*Tip: Use the filters to narrow down the color and waist size (make sure you pick the waist size filter and not the general size filter), but also double check images and descriptions for true measurements! Lots of times these jeans shrink after decades of washes, so don’t trust the listed size until you see the “true measurements”!

And for the getaway sticks – Matches x Jacques Soloviere Calf Hair Deck Shoes

These were the first priority for my fall clothes budget last year, and I’m really happy with them. Like the denim work jacket, these are sort of a refreshed take on a shoe I’ve seen people wear since middle school. The textures they used and the lug sole make it feel really fresh. I sized down a half size and they fit perfectly (a little snug with thicker socks).

Some pairs are still available here, way marked down.

You can find more of their stuff here.

Also, I’m wearing these LL Bean wool socks, and they’re the warmest socks I’ve ever had.


Lid – The Bookstore Hat from Academy by Chris Echevarria.

Everything Chris touches turns to gold, and his new clothing brand Academy is no exception. The fit of this hat, and all the details on it, are perfect.

You can shop this exact hat here.

This eBay search offers some similar alternatives with vintage Polo hats.

Jacket – Vintage Polo Country Cowboy Print Hunting Jacket

This is potentially my favorite vintage find ever, and definitely the one I get compliments on most. Aime Leon Dore dropped an overshirt in the fall (pictured above) with a similar print. I decided I’d try and find a similar look by searching for vintage RL jackets and was lucky to find this one.

Here’s an eBay search if you want to find a similar piece!

Sweater – RRL Indigo-Black mock turtle neck.

Story time… I had been eyeing this sweater for the entirety of fall 2022. At the end of the season, Ralph Lauren had tons of pieces on sale for up to 70% off, and this was one of them. One problem: it was sold out, except for one in my size, which was at the store down the street from our apartment. I was able to snag it for a huge discount, and I also found out from the sales associate that Adam Scott wore it on the set of Severance. Were they lying to make the sale? Maybe. But I’m choosing to believe in something.

Alex Mill and J Crew both make a roll neck sweater if you’re looking for something similar!

Trouser – Banana Republic Signature Italian Wool Wide Leg Pants.

BR’s big shot at big pants was a huge success in my eyes. I got these for 40% off last year and then had them hemmed when they came in. The fabric is incredible, and while the normal pricing for these pants is steep, the quality is there to match it. I got a size 31 and had the length hemmed. True to size, but long.

Shop their spring version of these trousers in twill here.


Lid – Brut Clothing Heavy Wool Watch Cap

I’ve been getting stuff from Brut for years, and they have just gotten better every single year. They started out selling vintage clothes, and now they’ve evolved into an in-house clothing brand that makes some of the best vintage military and work wear inspired (with modern fits and silhouettes) stuff you can find on the planet.

Beanie from Brut Clothing.

Top – Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Western Pearl Snap Shirt

I’ve accrued a pretty solid collection of western button down shirts over the years. For whatever reason, I just can’t get enough of them. The pearl snaps, the curved pockets, the cowboy yoke on the chest/shoulders/back.

This specific shirt is a vintage RL joint in a herringbone cotton that on the surface looks black, but, on the edges, it’s fading to blue. It’s almost like some sort of indigo that’s over dyed in black. It’s lightweight and a really cool fabric, and somehow I nabbed it for $40!

Search for vintage western shirts on eBay here!

Belt – Brut Clothing Spur USA Belt


Jeans – Vintage Levi’s Mid Wash 550s

550s are a more relaxed variation of vintage Levi’s, with a higher rise, wider thighs, and a straight fit all the way down the leg. They’ve become some of my favorite, because they seem to fit for me the way I always wish 501s would.

Shop Vintage 550s on eBay here!

Boots – Frye Dylan Side Zip Boots

Our Legacy makes a similar boot that’s become extremely popular the last two years. This model from Frye is about half the price and — as with most Frye shoes — requires zero break-in time. These are my go-to’s right now and fit true to size!

Shop Frye Boots.


Lid – Grey Donegal Cashmere Ribbed Knit Fisherman Hat

No Man Walks Alone strives to be the best online menswear store on earth, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say they’ve nailed it. They carry some of the best brands you’ve never heard of, and their taste is excellent. This beanie is from Inis Meain, and it unfortunately is no longer in stock.

Coat – Vintage Scott Bros Western Puffer

The NYC based Schott Bros is renown for their leather jackets, which are excellent. But I found myself needing a puffer jacket for winter last year and stumbled into a vintage Schott puffer jacket deep dive on eBay. As it turns out, they make rad down coats, too, and with my previously mentioned affinity for western details, this one made a ton of sense. Luckily, it’s super warm and fits like a glove!

Peruse vintage Schott puffers here.

Top – Uniqlo Souffle Knit Mock Neck Sweater

I don’t shop at Uniqlo a lot, but this was a great find. They’re sold out at the moment, but this lightweight, soft, and warm sweater was an unexpected regular in the rotation.

Pants – Vintage Eddie Bauer Pleated Chinos

I wrote about this last year, but if you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck in vintage clothes, it’s hard to find anything better than Eddie Bauer. The preppy outdoors brand made great gear back in the day that has held up extremely well to age and trends!

Vintage Eddie Bauer Pleated Pants on eBay.

And on the getaway sticks – Asics Onitsuka Tiger California ’78 Vintage

These shoes were another piece I kept tabs on for years before I was finally able to grab them. Ironically enough, they’ve now become alternatives to the wildly popular Adidas Samba. Tons of awesome color ways are available on eBay, which you can shop using the link below.

Onitsuka Tiger California 78 Vintage on eBay.



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