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I want to recap what I share on stories weekly but since they disappear, consider this their redemption story. So here It goes: the things we all loved on stories this week!

  1. Facial Cleansing System – I’m on a mission to take better care of my skin. I want to live a life of simpler makeup with a killer skincare routine. I’m starting with this tool. This sucker gets my skin SO CLEAN. I’ve started using the daily brush…well daily. And the exfoliator brush twice a week. The link above gives you 70% off – making It less than $50!
  2. Sunglass Chain – I’m channeling major 90’s vibes with this sunglass chain. It’s a fun way to spice up your glasses but it’s also crazy kinds of convenient. Less than $10 too!
  3. Le Creuset Hack – I’ve always wanted one of these dutch ovens but DANG they’re expensive. Typically if I spend that much money on something It needs to have a double C logo on It but alas! I found one at an outlet. I went to the one in Woodstock if you’re an Atlanta local. Amazon has a highly rated dutch oven option if you aren’t interested in spending that much money on one! Did you know you can switch the knobs on these? I got this gold one and she is a stunner!
  4. Movie Prints – This was Nathan’s contribution to the apartment decor. He found these really cool prints and wanted us to get a few of our favorite movies. Originally they were going to hang in the collage with our tv (work in progress) but I love them above our bar cart instead!



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