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We had a few hot topics in DM’s this week! Let me just say, this is my favorite part about this job: talking to all of you. Laughing, giving advice and let’s be honest being sassy, gives me a sense of community I can’t explain. And as weird as this sounds, It makes me not feel so alone in this stage of life I’m in. I’m grateful for your support and friendship and that you take the time out of your day to hang out with me. I only hope one day we can do It in real life! Ok onto our expired stories of the week:

  1. Necklet – Ok, this thing is genius. I’m mostly only mad I didn’t think of It sooner. You can add up to three necklaces onto one piece that is magnetic making It SO easy to layer and stack your necklaces! If you’re anything like me I pretty much wear the same one’s all the time too so I rarely even change them out! It comes in three metal types and I have a CODE! Because I would be a bad friend if I didn’t. Use PAGE20 for 20% off sistas!
  2. Art – I’ve been slowly but surely adding some fun pieces of art to our walls. The most recent addition was this “New York” print! It’s massive because we had a big wall to fill but I love love love It! It comes in a few different sizes, too. I have purchased almost all of our art exclusively from Society6, they have everything and have sales almost every weekend! I found the frame on eBay and It was super affordable considering how big I needed It to be!
  3. Skincare – I’m truly so picky about what I put on my skin, and in the same breathe I’m low key kind of lazy when It comes to It so I don’t want a thousand steps to beauty. I found Hello Body from an event at NYFW and I loved the people who repped them. Then there was a lotion I tried from them at the event I loved so I snagged a few more products from their lines. I didn’t have an exfoliator and didn’t want anything harsh but didn’t even know one existed that didn’t feel like a sugar scrub until this one! So after I wash my face I use this, leave It on for ten minutes and then use this hydrating aloe cream after and sleep in It! It’s helped with redness and has helped keep my skin hydrated but not oily. Of course I begged for a code so they gave me one. It’s HELLOANNA for 30% off! All of these products can be found here!
  4. Belt Bag – The HOTTEST topic has been this belt bag! I’ve tried on a lot of these wanting to make them work and this was the first one that felt comfortable. More low-key chic, less Disney. It doesn’t stick out super far and can fit your phone, cards, sunglasses and lipstick. It’s truly the most convenient thing I’ve ever owned and I am on the hunt for some more like It! In the meantime, shop It here.



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