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Commemorating Precious Memories with Future Heirlooms


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself wanting to find more tangible ways to commemorate the sweet memories I share with Nathan, my family, and my friends. Whether it be through a framed photo, a note, or even purchasing something of value to associate with a moment I cherished, I’ve started to pay more attention to different ways I can capture the best times in my life so I can hold onto and share them with my future family.

Strangely, I’ve since realized it’s really hard to find things in life that thread the needle of matching the longevity and sentiment of my most precious memories. After all, to me, if you’re commemorating an important part of your life, you should do it well! While we’ve talked about the value of scents and designer items on here before, when it comes to investing in something equal parts dazzling and enduring, I will always say that fine jewelry is the way to go.

My thinking really started to shift last year when N gave me jewelry as a gift for my birthday. Nearly every time I put that piece on, I’m not only taken back by how stunning it is, but I also reminisce about our marriage and friendship, our future children, their families, and how tokens like it are able to outlast me and carry my sweet memories for generations to come.

This idea of a having tangible symbols to give our future family — and appreciating these heirlooms for what they represent as much as for how they take our breath away when they sparkle — has made me so excited to partner with They’re an amazing online retailer of fine jewelry and conflict-free diamonds (both earth-created and lab-created), and their website makes it easy to customize your jewelry choices and find exactly what you want to commemorate special moments with. I was able to purchase a diamond tennis bracelet with them last month, and I was as blown away by the online shopping experience as I was with the quality of the piece when it arrived.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, there’s a necessary amount of contemplation that goes into making an investment like this. I can honestly say James Allen’s online resources are exactly what you need to make such an important purchase. While we were shopping on their website, we found out that they handpick all of the diamonds themselves, which is why their selection is impeccable and the pricing is reasonable for all sorts of budget ranges.

If you’re looking for diamond tennis bracelets, diamond studs, or diamond pendants and anniversary rings, I am confident they have something that’s right for you or a loved one! Beyond that, their virtual try-on feature is going to guarantee you love how a piece looks and if not, the 30-day money back guarantee will.

You’ll also feel pressure-free support from their customer service team, who is always online and able to help you with the discovery or shopping process, or even assist as part of their complimentary lifetime services. I can’t recommend their website enough for such important purchases. We’ve had a fantastic experience as James Allen customers and know that you will too!

Use my code “ANNA30” for 30% off your purchase!

*Code ends on February 14th and excludes loose diamonds, gemstones, designer collections, and pre-set earth created diamonds and pendants.

Here are some of my favorite pieces so you explore their online experience for yourself:

Four Prong Tennis Bracelet

Four Prong Stud Earrings

Four Prong Basket Solitaire Diamond Pendant



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