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Check These Boxes Before Investing In ANY Designer Item


There are few things I love and appreciate more than designer pieces. The quality and craftsmanship is what draws me and the durability is what keeps me coming back for more. I work hard for my money and don’t have enough to blow It on whatever so these four rules must be checked off before I make a big purchase on a designer item!

Rule #1: Classics Only. Nothing too trendy. If It will be out of style a year from now or won’t go with many items already in my closet, hard pass. Some designers come out with crazy styles that are for those with an expendable income, but every designer makes classics that come back year after year. I think the “trendiest” piece I own are mules and I decided that you can’t go wrong with a pair of comfortable flats.

Rule #2: Try Before You Buy. This is something that will give you much more confidence in your purchase. It isn’t ALWAYS possible and sometimes not even necessary but if you can make It happen, It is so helpful. Before purchasing an item I will search the internet for something that is similar in style and size to give a trial run. In doing this I know that if It passes the test, I’ll get the style I wanted and the durability of the real thing will outlast the dupe. This test has saved me from spending money on something that originally I thought I would wear more, and It allows me to confidently pull the trigger on the real thing.

Rule #3: The Rule of 10. Find at LEAST ten items you can style the item with. I pretty much only buy designer accessories, so picturing It easily with ten different looks will almost instantly tell me if It will be worth the money and I’ll get the wear out of It that I want.

Rule #4: Shop Pre-Loved. I have a few retailers that I always look to for designer items before buying It new. It’s better for the environment, it’s better for your wallet. WIN WIN! My only exception is with shoes because I have a hard time buying those used.  This rule is sometimes a must when trying to find vintage or discontinued items as well!

Here is a full list of places that I TRUST will sell authentic items and always have the best pieces!

  1. Rebag
  2. eBay
  3. The Real Real
  4. What Goes Around Comes Around 
  5. Julia Rose Boston

The way I look at these pieces are as investments. Instead of buying a new brown handbag every fall, I will have my Louis Vuitton Monceau for years and years. Like any collector, I love the industry, respect the craftsmanship and at times consider a challenge to source some really cool pieces to add to my collection, I hope this helps in you expanding yours!





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