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At what point does something go from an mild interest, to a collection? What about when a collection becomes an outright obsession? Whenever that tipping point may be, I think we’ve officially found it. Whether it be large or small, a candle holder, or a candle itself, I have somehow found myself surrounded by torso-less women.

Why do I love these ladies? The short answer is that “interest” is a major key to any vignette or space I put together. I want it to visually come alive with a mixture of frames, objects, and, when possible, flowers or candles. Since open flames can’t be burning on a loop, and flowers fade so quickly, I try to find different objects to create an eye-catching arrangement that I don’t have to replace regularly — thus, the bust(s).

They stand out without disrupting a display, can add a unique vertical dimension to a space and, because of their recent popularity, busts can come in a variety of forms that actually offer some utility as well! (IE, one bust designed to be a planter that we now use as a kitchen utensil holder.) Given my current obsession, I wanted to share a few busts that you may have seen around our home over the past few months.

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