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An Ode to the Denim Jacket


It’s exactly one half of a Canadian Tuxedo, but completely singular in its own right. It’s donned by truckers, rappers, and punk rockers. It’s been imagined and reimagined across the highs and lows of fashion, but remains the reliable go to for everyone from your fashion forward best friend to your comfort-seeking coworker. After all of this time, it manages to find a way to become the finishing touch on your travel ‘fit, the streetwear tilt to your preppy propensities, and the shabby to your chic. Some call it a jean jacket, others refer to it by its scientific name: the denim jacket. Around here, it’s known simply as a closet staple. However you style it, we know you wear it — whether by choice or habit — and today we’re sharing some standout options for both men and women. Shop our favorites below!

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