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All About HAIR! My Most-Used Hair Items


I’m breaking down my most used hair items today and going into detail about which products I cannot live without! For starters, I have been getting extensions from Luz for over a year now. I started out with long hair (that I never would’ve achieved on my own) and even when I decided to do a shorter cut, I kept one row of extension for volume. It is an absolute game changer and if you’re close to Atlanta and want them for yourself, reach out to her…I can’t recommend her enough!

I ask for bright, cool blonde color and a blunt cut (she adds internal layers)!


Moving onto what products I love and in order of how I use them:

Shampoo and conditioner – code is ANNA for 30% off

Color Reviving Balm – I have started adding in this balm to keep my color looking fresh and to keep my blonde tones cool.

Serum – This is great for right before I blow dry my hair but I also use a little bit on my ends in-between washes because they tend to get dry!


Hairdryer – This is a bit of a splurge but It has cut down on drying time for me and almost everyone I know, it’s that good! The best price can be found HERE.

Straightener – I don’t often wear my hair straight but I love this one for when I do! I can also use this tool to curl my hair, It gives great beach waves!

Curling Iron – Size: 1.25″


Texture Spray – This gives major volume to any hair style! It’s the only texture spray I’ve found that doesn’t weigh down my hair or leave It feeling dirty. The code ANNA works on this too!

Dry Shampoo – A holy grail if you ask me, I love this brand and haven’t been able to find one that competes with it. They just released a jumbo size and if you subscribe to have It sent to you every few months, you get some perks!



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