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“A lot of serious work goes into successful frivolity.”

Coco Chanel

At The Page Edit,

We believe the perfect gray sweater does exist, that you can pull off sequin pants if you wear them with confidence, and that the right wattage in a light bulb will change your life (or at least your living room).

The Page Edit was launched out of Anna’s joy for sharing her favorite things in life: a delightfully chic outfit, an effortlessly cozy night in, or a vacation that was too much fun to keep a secret. This community is designed to bring thoughtful levity to how you view your home, wardrobe, and, on occasion, life itself. 

We hope this space is an inspiration and a resource for you, no matter how you found us! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, light a candle, and enjoy.

we're dedicated to the never-ending exploration of personal taste.

Our Story Our Story

We started The Page Edit in 2016 as a creative extension of Anna's social media presence, with Nathan's experience in blogging acting as a natural pairing to Anna's vibrant visual lexicon. Openly and unashamedly far from experts in any one subject, we share a deep curiosity toward the art of self-expression that innately accompanies getting dressed, decorating your home, and choosing which Nelly song played when someone visited your MySpace page in 2003. 

As we've grown in our marriage, careers, and amateur investigation of the tertiary things in life, we've found that what we love to ponder most shifts as we continue to evolve. Equal parts science and art, honing the "craft" of creating the right ambience is largely a process of trial and error, filled with many instances of 'what was I thinking?'s, 'I should've kept the receipt!'s, and 'I hope that trend doesn't come back.'s. 

We're thankful this community exists as a place to document our triumphs and missteps, transcribe our observations of the world around us, and prescribe our (somewhat) tried and (mostly) true methods for adding a little extra joy to your every day. Life, after all, is a comedy, and not a drama, and this place is dedicated to that rather relieving truth. 

We're glad you're here. Make yourself at home!

- Anna & Nathan

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