*Opens Weather App* 76 Degrees, Fahrenheit. Well, we did it, folks. We pushed through the longest winter known to man, we attended (or found excuses to avoid) those high school and college graduations, and we have traded in layers for linens. We’re swapping “I can see my breath” for “can you tell I’m sweating?” in […]

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow a few weeks ago, which means we’re due for a few more weeks of puffer coats, finding the sweet spot for how long to run your radiator before you start sweating (we’re getting pretty good, for what it’s worth), and doing that thing where you scrape frost off your wind […]

The other day I was walking to get coffee when I overheard a kid talking to his mom about how they always go to Rosemary Beach for Christmas… I say this with absolutely zero judgement in my heart towards tropical climates, beach cabanas, swim-up bars, snorkeling tours, those little cup holders that stick in the […]

Do you ever sit around as an adult and talk/think/daydream about things as if you’re waiting for someone to give you permission to do them? I spent my entire childhood thinking when I reached adulthood I’d be able to do whatever I want — eat sour punch straws at 8am, buy that sarcastic graphic t-shirt […]

I’ve always felt like there were a handful of places around the world I saw in movies or tv shows as a kid that I just would never get to see in real life — as if they were as mystical as Neverland or wherever the ThunderCats are from. The Great Wall of China, Mt. […]

Last summer we spent eight days in Europe! Some of our friends decided to go to Italy and were kind enough to invite us and host us for a few days in Tuscany! Although that was the base of this vacation, It was then up to Nathan and I to decide where else we wanted […]

The crowds are insane, every flight out is fully booked, prices are outrageous and all to experience the magic that is New York at Christmas. Before I went to New York in December for the first time I found myself in a conversation with one of THOSE people, you know the ones where everything they […]

One of my favorite past times has become planning trips. It was kind of an accident due to the fact that the first time we ever went to NYC and decided to “wing it”, we realized that doesn’t really work. In a place like New York making sure all of the details match up so […]


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