If you’ve been following along for the last year or so you know I’m a huge fan of the Openfit platform for working out at home (linking my 21 day trial HERE if you want to try it)! I found Openfit in the beginning of March last year right when we went into lockdown and […]

I’m breaking down my most used hair items today and going into detail about which products I cannot live without! For starters, I have been getting extensions from Luz for over a year now. I started out with long hair (that I never would’ve achieved on my own) and even when I decided to do […]

We’ve all been there…orange hands, splotchy feet, and an all together tragic self tan situation. Ive never posted my routine before because truthfully I’ve been trying to perfect It before I did, but I’m happy to report that it’s ready…just in time for all of us to sit at home! First things first, your tan […]

I’ve been working out consistently for over two months now and my mindset has shifted so much regarding exercising and working out. It has become a mental release for me and something that I don’t put pressure on myself to do. Let’s be honest, working out can be a comparison trap and something that stems […]

Here is a rundown of my current makeup favorites and what I’ve been using day to day! I try to have some versatility when It comes to my eyeshadow, but everything else stays the same! I’m trying to be better about changing up the colors I wear and experimenting with different shadows for different looks. […]

I have anxiety. I’d say it’s pretty mild I’m sure to what other people have but it’s enough to be consuming at times. Majority of the time It creeps up at night and is almost always when I’m about to go to sleep. Nathan and I have somewhat of a system that helps keep my […]

High fat, low fat, no carbs, all carbs, one meal a day, 18 meals a day…MAKE IT STOP! In a world full of resources It seems like there a thousand options for what “works” as far as weight loss and nutrition is concerned. I got to a point in November of last year where I […]


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