This weekend we added a design touch to our space that we had been planning on doing since before we moved in. I wanted to add wall molding (aka picture frame molding) to our space but wanted to attempt a renter friendly version of it. Traditionally adding this to walls would involve wood trim and […]

We are pros at maximizing space after living in New York for a bit so this empty wall in our kitchen was no exception! I wanted to create a small dining space that would feel extra cozy and moody and I am breaking down everything I used to do so! Anything we do in this […]

When we moved into our new place, I dreamed of a gallery wall and the Samsung Frame TV to blend in with It. With tall ceilings and a mostly white aesthetic, it became such a pop of interest in our space! This TV is a splurge but after having It for awhile, it is 100% […]

A lot of people don’t know that H&M has an AMAZING home line! At this point we all know how much I love the clothing from H&M, so take the price, style & quality of their clothes into home items? I’m in! I rounded up some of my favorites with everything from candles to mirrors, […]

You might be thinking “How much can you really do in a bathroom?”. Well a lot Karen, thanks for asking. Side note: my sisters name is Karen and she is SO NOT a Karen…so she really hates this whole epidemic. Ok, back to business. Our bathroom is actually really spacious…and I wish they would’ve added […]

We have slowly but surely been wrapping up any re-decorating in our apartment since the new year! One project I wanted to tackle was our bedroom, because It just wasn’t quite right (which is why I’ve never shared the full thing). I wanted It to look different than every photo I’ve seen on Pinterest and […]

Isn’t prime a dangerous thing? I mean, one click and I’ll have It in two days without even the slightest opportunity to regret my decision. I think the trick is not seeing what card is going to be used. It’s like It is going to be charged to a magical place that will still allow […]

I came back home to New York from Christmas, walked into my apartment…and hated everything. Kidding, sort of. There were a few things I knew I wanted to change but knew I wanted to wait until after the holidays to do so. I’ve learned in every space that I’ve ever lived in, that I need […]

I think a beautifully curated coffee table is one of the most underrated things in a home. Think about It: you’ve got all of your furniture lining the walls and a rug on the ground but right in the middle of all of that, is this table out in the open. It’s likely one of […]


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