We have slowly but surely been wrapping up any re-decorating in our apartment since the new year! One project I wanted to tackle was our bedroom, because It just wasn’t quite right (which is why I’ve never shared the full thing). I wanted It to look different than every photo I’ve seen on Pinterest and […]

Isn’t prime a dangerous thing? I mean, one click and I’ll have It in two days without even the slightest opportunity to regret my decision. I think the trick is not seeing what card is going to be used. It’s like It is going to be charged to a magical place that will still allow […]

I came back home to New York from Christmas, walked into my apartment…and hated everything. Kidding, sort of. There were a few things I knew I wanted to change but knew I wanted to wait until after the holidays to do so. I’ve learned in every space that I’ve ever lived in, that I need […]

I think a beautifully curated coffee table is one of the most underrated things in a home. Think about It: you’ve got all of your furniture lining the walls and a rug on the ground but right in the middle of all of that, is this table out in the open. It’s likely one of […]

We were in desperate need of some all new kitchen essentials. You know, the things you never thought as a human you would get excited about and then your new frying pan shows up and It might as well be Christmas. Yeah, THOSE kitchen essentials. Ours were all stainless steel and under $50 from Target […]

Let me start off by saying no, we don’t have the typical New York sized apartment. This apartment has pretty good storage (still less than ours in Atlanta but good nonetheless)! We do, however, only have one closet and with the way It was built (with just one bar) I wouldn’t say It necessarily set […]

When deciding on the vibes for our new place I knew one thing: different from anything we’d ever had. The tough part about my taste is that it’s ALL OVER THE PLACE. I love boho, modern, traditional, farmhouse, modern farmhouse…all of It! This was the first time in our marriage that I was truly able […]


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