Paint is my FAVORITE and typically least expensive way to update a space. You have no idea how much the vibe of a room can change with a fresh (or different) coat of paint! It is also a great update that can easily be changed back to the original and because we are renters, that’s […]

We have been re-vamping our guest bedroom in stages and this past week was one of our last! It conveniently gets an update each time we have guests so this last week I knew I needed a bigger rug and a small amount of storage. This room is narrow and long so the space is […]

Our living room is finally (almost) finished! We are waiting on one more matching chair and then she will be done. Furniture deliveries are way backed up so many of the things we ordered back in October & November have just made their way to us! This room is truthfully what sold me on the […]

One of the few things I didn’t love about this apartment were the kitchen floor tiles. They were dark grey and super boring especially with how much character and charm the rest of the apartment had! I dreamed of having black and white tile floors but knew that since we were renters, a permanent flooring […]

Within the past few years, the demand for ornate gold frames and vintage art has been so high. If it’s your style, it truly does elevate a space and I’m biased but I love a gallery wall with a pop of drama so it’s been the perfect touch for my apartment. I get asked often […]

It was a bold move to put our bar cart right by our front door but the wall was too perfect not to have it there! I’d just like to formally make everyone aware that no, we do not have a problem. I’ve always struggled styling bar carts because if they don’t look full enough […]

This weekend we added a design touch to our space that we had been planning on doing since before we moved in. I wanted to add wall molding (aka picture frame molding) to our space but wanted to attempt a renter friendly version of it. Traditionally adding this to walls would involve wood trim and […]

We are pros at maximizing space after living in New York for a bit so this empty wall in our kitchen was no exception! I wanted to create a small dining space that would feel extra cozy and moody and I am breaking down everything I used to do so! Anything we do in this […]

When we moved into our new place, I dreamed of a gallery wall and the Samsung Frame TV to blend in with It. With tall ceilings and a mostly white aesthetic, it became such a pop of interest in our space! This TV is a splurge but after having It for awhile, it is 100% […]


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