Y’all—September has arrived! 

So far here in New York City, … Read more.

Fall foliage in Central Park with lamp post to the left of the photo.


What a concept, right?

To be and feelRead more.

Anna's Upper East Side apartment living room with a chair and small table next to it.

“Gloomy days are an opportunity to embrace the stillness and … Read more.

Stock photo of black and white aerial shot of Manhattan.

“Buy yourself flowers, simply because they’re beautiful and you deserve … Read more.

Anna's living room with a vase of green flowers in the frame.

“Let us find magic in all the little things in … Read more.

Anna's The Page Parlour match boxes.

How is July over? Already? 

Dear Time, may you please … Read more.

Photo of a building named "Page" in the Hamptons.

Picture this:

It’s 7:00am on a Monday morning. 

Your alarm … Read more.

Anna's beautiful side table next to her orange chair with a lit candle, a vase of tulips, and a cup of coffee sitting on it.

“June is the gateway to summer.” –Jean Hersey

Every year … Read more.

Anna walking across the street in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a taxi passes behind her.

New York City: the city that never sleeps. The … Read more.

Anna sitting on a bench with sunglasses on in front of a Chanel store in The Hamptons.


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