The other day I was walking to get coffee when I overheard a kid talking to his mom about how they always go to Rosemary Beach for Christmas… I say this with absolutely zero judgement in my heart towards tropical climates, beach cabanas, swim-up bars, snorkeling tours, those little cup holders that stick in the […]

My husband and I have been talking so much lately about what It looks like to “be there” for someone when they’re going through a hard time. How to balance not being a burden but wanting to help is so tricky! If I’m being honest, I’ve never really known what that looked like until recently […]

I realized a few years ago that most of my little decisions throughout the day are made on a track. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really have daily routines. Instead, the eight-year-old homeschooler wearing inside out sweatpants who runs my brain chooses to operate within what I call “rhythms”. It’s a corny way of […]

I have never had a dog. I had siblings instead, I mean hello six girls and two boys. Nathan has always had dogs, at times multiples so I would consider him a pro. When we met, we had talked back and forth about getting one of our own but hadn’t landed on when, mostly due […]

Celebrating my mom is EASY. She is the most incredible woman I have ever known. Not only did she devote over 20 years of her life to raising 8 children, but she also stayed patient, kind and humble the whole way through. My dad was in ministry for a long time, and Mom was telling […]


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