“June is the gateway to summer.” –Jean Hersey

Every year … Read more.

Anna walking across the street in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a taxi passes behind her.

If you’re anything like us, the days can sometimes be … Read more.

Anna's Upper East Side bathroom with navy blue and white wallpaper.

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you’re stuck in … Read more.

Updated gallery wall in Anna's Upper East Side apartment; the Samsung Frame TV is present, a bunch of art and photos, and a table with a decorative book sits on top.

One of the first Cardinal Sins of Renting we committed … Read more.

We — much to our own chagrin — don’t watch … Read more.

Anna's Upper East Side apartment fireplace with flowers, a mirror, and photos on the mantle.

We all buy things. It’s a fact of life … Read more.

Anna's living room with two large orange chairs, a white couch with dark colored pillows, and a gorgeous chandelier in frame.

Have you ever had a really disruptive roommate? They play … Read more.

Anna's Upper East Side apartment nursery with moody colors, dark green and navy blues, with two scones for light.

Today’s edition of weekend brings us a breath of fresh … Read more.

Photos of clothing, accessories, and home decor items.

At some point between dinosaurs roaming the earth and Thomas … Read more.

Sconce and DIY art in NYC apartment bedroom.


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