“Oh, I finished my Christmas shopping last week.” *She said in September* Um, HOW? Have you ever met someone who managed to have all of their Christmas shopping done upsettingly early? These are the legends who shop on Black Friday — a Y E A R in advance — for their family’s Christmas gifts. Their […]

Don’t do it. I know your brother hasn’t given you any hints about what he wants for Christmas yet, and your mom keeps forgetting to text you ideas for your dad, and your boyfriend/husband just keeps dropping not-so-subtle hints about a PS5 (I bet he hasn’t caught your not-so-subtle hints that it isn’t happening). I […]

I cannot BELIEVE I am already sharing the first gift guide of the season! Listen, I’m not mad one bit about it and per usual I will try to be a resource to make this season a bit simpler for you all! I am always told I’m hard to shop for, so I would consider […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I had some holiday campaigns and so was FORCED to put my Christmas decorations up early…kidding, no one forced me, I did It willingly. I’m rounding up all of my Christmas decorations in one place. I don’t like to spend a ton on seasonal decorations because it’s […]

Gift guides can sometimes be really boring…a candle? Groundbreaking. I was tempted not to even do one this year because of how over-saturated and un-original they had become but I thought “Now’s the time to shake things up!”. So instead of giving you 15 blanket suggestions, I thought I would go the route of shopping […]

I have a love/hate relationship with sharing Black Friday deals. I want to be a helpful resource but I see It so over-done that It makes me not want to share at all. I am working my hardest to be helpful, but not overwhelming for you all! I want to find deals that are worth […]


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