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5 Summer Menswear Picks from Taylor Stitch


I remember stumbling onto the Taylor Stitch website a few years ago because of a marketing campaign they used at the time, touting one phrase: Future Heirlooms. Simple, concise, and the entire concept resonated with me in a major way.

What if we viewed the clothes we were buying — or at least the pieces we had set aside more room for in our budgets — as future family heirlooms? This concept gets quickly drowned out in the fast fashion of it all, but I love that Taylor Stitch is and has always been creating garments that are — as they put it — built for the long haul.

If you ask yourself every now and then, “will my kid be stoked out of their gourd to find this in my closet 15 years from now?”, it sort of changes how you look at stocking your closet. It makes me more considerate (even if just slightly) of durability, and whether or not the design and fit of some random shirt transcends trend cycles. Now, sometimes you just need a belt to get you through Fall, but most of the time it’s really valuable to think beyond the next sale, IG ad, or impulse buy.

That’s why I’ve come to really love and appreciate what TS is doing. They’ve always been uniquely, intentionally antiquated in how they create clothes — and thus, sort of revolutionary. For years they had a program where you could pre-order clothes they were currently developing at a major discount, so they could crowd fund new projects without creating waste (and passing savings onto the buyer at the same time).

Now, they’ve developed a tight range of silhouettes across tops, bottoms, outerwear, and footwear that they develop in seasonally appropriate fabrics year ’round. It’s sort of my favorite way for a brand to create clothing, because once you know how one of their shirts fits, you know you can grab the same one in a lighter fabric when it comes out in the Spring, or in a flannel for fall. Most of their pieces have a very classic fit (ie, not boxy, cropped, or oversized), and truly look good on just about anyone.

Taylor Stitch was kind enough to send me a few pieces, so I wanted to share my favorite picks from their Spring and Summer collection! I can’t recommend Taylor Stitch enough for their quality, fit, and the unique textures and dyes they choose to use — at this price point, it’s nearly impossible to find anything better!

*For sizing, I am 5’10”, 175lbs and wear a Medium in all of their tops and 32 in all of their bottoms. They have a really solid size guide, so be sure to reference that if you’re still unsure!

**Click the header or image below to shop!

The No-Sweat Sweater Polo

Knit polos are Summer staples now, and why wouldn’t they be? They wear like t shirts but look like the belong pool side sipping limoncello. What more could you ask for? This textured joint comes in two neutral colors and drapes really nicely without the slouch some other sweater shirts can cause.

The “Just Enough Thigh” Shorts

The fashion world exists on the margins of inseam length these days, with massive shorts and short-shorts being the new norm. These split the difference while adding a pleat and unique texture to keep things interesting. These will look as good 5 years from now as they do today!

The “Date Night Delight” Western Shirt

Cowboy shirts (especially with pearl snaps) are the best date night ‘fit hack. Something a little unexpected for your, well, “partner” *Eastwood Voice* while fooling everyone around you into thinking you’re wearing a button down. You’re not, you’re playing dress up, and looking d*mn good doing it. This specific shirt is a gem. Selvedge lined, light weight, and the perfect wash. For the price, it’s a steal.

The “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Denim” Trucker Jacket

A jacket for Summer? You bet your a*s. This one is an absolute banger dyed in a rich hue of indigo over a super light weight, unlined waffle material that’s dying to be thrown on over a tank for happy hour. I had been eyeing one of these jackets for years, and now I don’t know why I waited to get one.

The “I’m Not Like Other Camp Collar Shirts” Camp Collar Shirt

I’m not going to lie, I have camp collar fatigue. The mark is extremely saturated right now, so you’ve really gotta pump out something special to get noticed, and this one fits the bill. TS added a few details that make this one pop, including some contrasting colors and piping that makes this feel 1 part bowling shirt, 1 part pajama shirt, and all parts shirt you can’t keep out of the rotation.

The 6th Man

Every great team has a 6th man who the coach can’t seem to keep out of the rotation. Whether they come in and wreak havoc on D or catch fire from 3, you’ve gotta get that extra juice somewhere. So, I’m going beyond 5 to bring this guy off the bench. This indigo dyed button down is an excellent year round staple piece. The color really can only be done justice once you see it in person. It’s a really fun change up from your standard navy shirts!

Thanks again for the gift, Taylor Stitch!



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