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5 Menswear Essentials Under $40


If there’s anything Crazy Stupid Love taught us — other than we don’t like David Lindhagen — it’s that the transition from rocking New Balance 405s with Dockers to giving any ounce of consideration to what you wear is an arduous one. And weirdly, having access to more information, more online shops, and more pictures of Jonah Hill wearing a band tee and sweats while also being called a “fit god” makes things more confusing for us than ever. The good news? There are virtually unlimited options across all budget ranges to find the right style for you. I find myself coming back to Walmart’s “Free Assembly” line to find affordable options for “work wear” style clothing that’s genuinely on trend and also aims to be more eco-friendly. Here are a few pieces that stood out from my most recent visit:

Menswear Picks from Walmart’s Free Assembly
*These jeans are “Selvedge” lined denim– usually found in the $200 range. I’ve tried them myself, and the quality is really good for the price.
They look like skinny’s in the images, but they are a solid slim but not too slim option with some added stretch for more movement.

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