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5 & 5 | The Best Spring Style Picks from Madewell


The last couple of years big name brands like Abercrombie and J Crew have rightfully earned digital murmurs of the zeitgeist asking, “are [they]… back??!”

Meanwhile, the unsung sister brand to J Crew — who was formerly known strictly for their denim — has quietly gone about becoming one of the highest quality mass-production clothing brands in the world. They’ve gone about this so quietly, in fact, that not many people are really saying, “they never left!”

While they’ve always taken more risks than their more buttoned up counterparts, their new creative directors have taken them down a road of significantly more interesting silhouettes, fabrics, and collaborations that make them stand out from the crowd of resuscitated legacy brands. They maintain classic fits and ideals while playing with trends in a way that fits remarkably well within their “vintage Americana” sensibilities.

We’ve long been huge fans of Madewell, and our love for what they do has only grown as they continue to find new ways to make really high quality clothing and denim. As such, we wanted to share 5 of our favorite Spring picks for girls and guys!

Shop our faves below!

Anna’s Picks

Nathan’s Picks

*A quick note on the menswear — don’t be afraid of the words like “loose” and “relaxed”, or even the styling that Madewell chooses for their imagery. I’ve found that most of their fits actually run slimmer than their description, in a really flattering way. The 1991 Loose Fit jeans are some of the best looking jeans anyone could wear, and their everyday tee is incredible quality for the price! I highly recommend them!



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