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3 Simple Ways To “Be There” For Someone


My husband and I have been talking so much lately about what It looks like to “be there” for someone when they’re going through a hard time. How to balance not being a burden but wanting to help is so tricky! If I’m being honest, I’ve never really known what that looked like until recently when my dad got sick. I wanted to share a few things that meant so much to me and ways that my people came through in the event that you have someone to comfort and don’t know what to do or say!

Send Flowers – Because who doesn’t love to have flowers delivered! When we first entered quarantine in New York I had a friend going through a really hard time with everything going on. I had Urban Stems sent to her as an attempt to brighten her day and ever since then, they’ve been my #1 for flower delivery. It’s such a kind and happy gesture that ANYONE would love. We have received UrbanStems for house warming, get well & thinking of you in the last six months and they last for WEEKS! I have a code you can use for a discount & free shipping as well: Anna15 for 15% off & free shipping!

No Strings Attached Text – Sometimes the most stressful part of going through something (especially if you’re a people-pleaser) is feeling the need to respond and thank everyone for everything their doing. I’ve learned that a kind note or message to send well wishes is always best with a disclaimer that you don’t expect or need a response.

Just Show Up – Instead of asking “What can I do?”, just do SOMETHING. Bring dinner even if they already have it. Get a gift card for them to use on whatever they want. Send money for an afternoon coffee. No questions asked acts of service takes all of the guess work and planning off the person who is already going through something!

Today’s post was kindly sponsored by Urban Stems, a brand that I use frequently and LOVE…and think you will too! I’m linking some of my favorite bouquets below for you to check out.



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