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11 Products to Elevate Your Haircare Routine


Isn’t it wild that only half the population has to worry about a haircare routine? I’ve spent hours of my life creating and reinventing a process to get my hair ready for the day — sometimes straightening, sometimes curling, at one point, crimping, and other times just spraying dry shampoo everywhere on my way out the door.

Nathan? He uses my shampoo once a week, uses my conditioner when he remembers it’s a thing, and otherwise he throws on a hat or runs product through his hair for 30 seconds. Obviously, that’s not the case for every guy, but how is that fair? Okay, not the point…

Whether by necessity or habit, a lot of us have an established routine for getting our locks to flow just so, and today I wanted to share a bit about my current process and the products helping me get it done.

Hair Type

I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and it definitely leans towards the naturally curly and wavy end of the spectrum.

*Understanding your hair type and how it responds to different products, cuts, and chemicals can be really helpful. If you don’t already know, ask your stylist what your hair type is!

Hair Color

About a year and a half ago, I changed up a 13 year habit of having bleach blonde hair. Since then, I’ve been committed to a color about as close to my natural hue as possible. Now, I get the color touched up every 6 months, and I can honestly say it has never felt better.

I see @tyler.extensions for my coloring, and here are his exact words for how he colors my hair:

“I use 4 different formulas on your hair. Two different lowlights, a root smudge and an all over gloss. This way you still have dimension and it mimics what your hair would naturally look like if it was never colored.”

The end result is what he called, “a dimensional, cool-toned, medium brunette”.


Lastly, I go see Julianna to get my hair cut. I always ask for long layers (lots of them) and face framing layers.

*If you love how your stylist cuts your hair, ask them how they’d describe it using “industry” terms. In the event that you ever need to see another stylist, or if you try something new and want to go back to what you love, it’s really helpful to know how to describe your favorite haircuts in terms that any good stylist can quickly identify with!

Haircare Products

  1. I use this hair mask once a week. It’s a great deep conditioner!
  2. My favorite shampoo – and I’ve tried an extensive amount of them! I get a good lather without having my hair feel heavy or greasy after. It comes in different varieties for your hair type – I use “medium”.
  3. The partner to the shampoo.
  4. First product out of the shower on wet hair, I lightly spritz on the top and the ends.
  5. Hair oil for ends only!
  6. Ah, the Dyson Airwrap. The best hair tool… ever? I posted in stories (and will save to a highlight) how I use this multi-use tool.
  7. This product comes into play on day two or three after washing my hair. My favorite dry shampoo!
  8. A great texture spray that helps give bounce to your hair after the curls have fallen a bit.
  9. My curling iron if I want a more structured or “calmer” look than my 90’s blowout. Also great for touching up any pieces on day two or three.
  10. An outrageously expensive brush that I received as a gift… it’s the best thing for your hair and will last a lifetime but again, a splurge for sure!A great hair perfume if your locks are in need of a fresh pick-me-up!



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