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10 Things I’m Loving On Amazon Right Now


Isn’t prime a dangerous thing? I mean, one click and I’ll have It in two days without even the slightest opportunity to regret my decision. I think the trick is not seeing what card is going to be used. It’s like It is going to be charged to a magical place that will still allow your rent to be paid. Until the blue arrowed boxes start showing up at your doorstep…but then you open them up and are so excited for all of the RANDOM stuff you got, you don’t even care anymore! It’s the “Target mosey” of online shopping and I’m here for It. Here are a few things that I’ve been elated with from Amazon recently:


I saw that Pottery Barn had these and you know my motto, “Anything Pottery Barn can do…Amazon can do better”. I have these in my entryway and think they are stunning! The perfect hue of green and they come in a five pack (for the price of one at PB) that looks great in just about any vase you have.


I got this as a Christmas gift and thought to myself, “I don’t have this much makeup, that’s ridiculous!”…*fills up entire case.
I got ahold of mine this morning and got It really organized and It is really nice! Holds more than everything you would need and keeps It nice and neat. I will warn that it’s a heavier piece so if you’re traveling I would put It in your carry-on so that you have weight to spare for the seven extra sweaters you for sure won’t wear.


We tried our hand at a Roomba…and It wasn’t for me. I swapped out for this stick vacuum because for some reason I refuse to buy a Dyson and this thing is LEGIT. I am 99% sure that It is identical to a Dyson but It is cordless, really light and has a handheld option. The first time we used It I was equally impressed and disgusted at what It got up!


There’s this thing I do, where a lot of people like something so I convince myself not to get It. Maybe she’s born with It, maybe it’s Maybelline. Regardless, these leggings were one of those things. There was so much hype built around them that I finally caved and got some and they are fantastic. Not that I would really be a great testament, but I hear from in shape sources that they are comparable to Lululemon (sp?). Which further proves my point, that no one should spend THAT much on workout/athleisure clothing. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


We try to have oils diffusing a lot in our apartment, especially this time of year. I wanted a diffuser that worked, but was also pretty and didn’t cost a lot (sounds like I’m dating again amirite?). I found this one and we’ve been really happy with It! It will run for 1, 3 or 6 hours and looks great in whatever room It is in!


File under: things adults get excited about. This ring cleaner takes a few drops of dish soap, a few minutes and it’s like your engaged all over again. It cleans so well and keeps things looking very sparkly! It might even make you want to change your Instagram handle to “@themrs_____” because It’ll feel THAT new…but please don’t.


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but New York is like, really gross. We pop a couple of these every morning and they keep our immune systems up. I’ll be honest, the more adult version of myself should probably just be drinking the syrup but why ruin a good thing?


Did you know you can ALMOST create your own Starbucks experience at home? These syrups are a fun little treat to add into your coffee and we use them a lot. I should warn you, you might miss Dave the barista in an un-ironic beanie judging you for asking for more cream…but it’s worth It, I promise.


In the past, Banks has tragically violated any dog bed he has had. Now that he is older and wiser we got him a new bed and he LOVES It. Truthfully my ego is taking a hit, because he would rather snuggle up in this thing than sit on my face, which I take offense to!


Here’s to hoping buying a blender will cause me to make more smoothies and therefore eat less cheese quesadillas. Oh..It makes milkshakes too? Scratch that. I really have heard great things about this blender and we will take any compact device we can get! Step two: find recipes for milkshakes smoothies.



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